Great records stand the test of time. Sometimes they even inspire more great records, decades later.

That's what happened when Craig Northey was commissioned to do a song for a Bruce McCulloch film "Comeback Season" starring Ray Liotta. He thought he was supposed to do a song that sounded like Lynn Anderson's Rose Garden, a country classic from 1971. So he wrote one, then called in Wendy Bird to sing it.

"I did a whole 70s Nashville arrangement that sounded like Rose Garden," Craig relates. "When I sent it in they said 'This is fantastic! What is it?' I said 'It's what you asked for.' They said 'No no, we've got the rights for Rose Garden, we wanted you to do a cover version.' I went 'Oh.' I called her back that same day cause I had to re-deliver and cut Rose Garden with her. And it ended up in the film."

Craig's cohorts from his band the Odds played on the session. Drummer Pat Steward thought it sounded so great that Wendy should do a whole album in the 70s Nashville sound.

So she did.

Wendy is one of the great secrets of the Vancouver music scene. Besides working with producer Craig Northey on film scores, she can be heard on albums by Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts, Murray McLauchlan, The Paperboys, David Gogo, Bob Kemmis and many more. "Natural Wonder" is her debut recording and Beaumont Classic Records' first release.

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